Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle APK Download for Android and PC- Latest Version

The Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle APK download option is available that you can use to get this game. Now, this game is one of the best game and favorite as well. That is because it features all the characters of Dragon Ball universe, and we all know those characters are loved by millions of peoples and gamer. So, you should get this game.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle APK Download

The Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle APK download option is available on this site. However, the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is an action and strategy game that features all the legendary characters of the Dragon Ball universe. In this game, you will see a new story that matches the title of the game. Now, the game starts with the Trunks land his time machine in a universe where the Dragon Ball timeline are mixed with nearly beyond repair. That means you have to face some opponents that range from scary Freezer and Cell to PAi Pai and Evil Vegeta from Babidi’s saga.

The fighting system of this game is unique, and instead of controlling your character you have to attack. This game has lots of compelling characters that we all love. Besides, those characters are so power and unique in fighting.

Features of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

The Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle game is an excellent fighting game that has all the Dragon Ball universe characters. At the same time, it also has much more fantastic features, which are in the below.

Simple and Intuitive

This game is simple and easy to play that is because it has a user-friendly interface. You only need to press the Ki Spheres on the battle screen and fight with your enemies.

Make Your Team

It is possible in this game to make your dream team with your favorite Dragon Ball Characters. Besides, you will be able to train them as well.


The best thing about this game is that the world of Dragon Ball is going to be your battlefield. In addition to that, the timeline of yours will be thrown into chaos. That will bring all the characters across the ages face-to-face to you.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle APK Download

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Tips and Tricks

You can follow the below tips and tricks to win this game.

Use Training Mode

You should use the training mode to level by fighting same-color characters. Besides, this mode is quite useful because you will be able to earn XP from there.

Keep Good Notes at Your Side

This game drops its characters into specific categories, which are strong or weak against others types of other games.  So, you must have the info of them and note those to get an excellent outcome in this game.

Collect All Seven Dragon Balls

Getting all seven Dragon Ball is vital. That is because it will give you various bonuses that will help you power up and win the game.

Download latest apk mods

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Install From Google Play Store

Finally, the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle APK download is here. You should play this game that is because this game fills with the Dragon Ball characters and actions. Besides, it is entirely free and straightforward to play.

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