Holy Quran APK Download Free Latest Version for Android

The Holy Quran APK download option is available on this site. However, the interested people can get this application free from this site. It comes with lots of useful features that will allow all the users to read the Quran comfortably. It has night mode and clarity that is impressive. Ate the same time, it has all 30 chapters and 114 surahs.

Holy Quran APK Download

The Holy Quran APK download option is available on this site. This application has real page turning effect. In addition to that, it also has elegant style and smooth Nastaliq font for full page readability as well. With the help of this app, you won’t need to bother yourself by scrolling up and down the Holy Quran at the time of reading it. However, it has all 30 chapters, and Surah Juz index has all 114 surahs too. The best thing about this application is that it will allow you to bookmark while reading. Besides, you will be able to jump to a page instantly.

In the Holy Quran application, you will see Sajdah ayaat, which are highlighted with green color. Now, it is handy, and it doesn’t require external data download after installation. So, you should get this application this will helps to Learn Quran Tajweed with easily.

Holy Quran APK Download

Holy Quran Application Features

The Holy Quran app is an excellent tool for all the Muslim brothers and sisters. That is because it is handy and simple to read. At the same time, it also offers much more features, which are in the below.

Easy Navigation

This application has easy navigation features. That means you will be able to open any Juz and Surah directly from the index. It has 30 chapters and 114 surahs that you can access from the index.


This feature of the Holy Quran application will allow you to keep track of your reading. In the meantime, you can also save your favorite surahs with unlimited bookmarks.


In this app, you will see a new toolbar that will let you access to useful functions quickly. You can get access to page sound, bookmark, night-mode, and much more through this toolbar.

Night Mode

This feature is impressive that is because it turns the background of the app into back and text into white. That allows users to read comfortably.

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Holy Quran APK Latest Version Information:

  • App Name:  Holy Quran APK
  • App Version: 2.3
  • File Size: 89.0 MB
  • Rating: Everyone
  • License: Free
  • Language: English
  • Updated On:  June 11, 2018
  • No of Downloads:  1,200,000 – 5,100,000
  • Required Android Version:‎  4.0.3 and up
  • Developed By: FanzeTech

Holy Quran Application’s Alternative Apps

There are some excellent Quran applications available, which are the best alternatives of Holy Quran app, and those are in the below.

Quran for Android

This application is one of the best alternatives to Holy Quran app. It is developed by the creators of Quran.com. However, this application features lots of useful features for all reader. Besides, it allows users to read the Quran comfortably and with clarity. At the same time, it is translated into 32 different languages.

iQuran Lite

It is also an excellent application that provides lots of useful features for all the Muslim brothers and sisters. That is because it has bookmark option and easy accessing function as well. Moreover, it has all the chapters and Surahs as well.

Lastly, the Holy Quran APK download option is available on this Apk site. You will be able to use it and get the Quran app easily. You should get this app because it offers lots of useful features. So, download it from here. But, if you face any problem while downloading, then comment.

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