Last Day On Earth Survival Game Review and Instruction.

Last day on earth is a zombie survival free strategy mobile game. It is such a game that there is no place for friendship, compromise or love. So, the player should only trust your weapons and yourself. You can kill other players, animals, zombies to survive, using many weapons like hammers, guns, and axes. Thus, the game players able to survive, fight, craft and make their own way by the apocalypse.

The game has developed by Russian based company Kefir. It is their one of the more popular and hottest game. Also, they have lots of developed lots of popular game like Russian Prison Mafia.

Last Day On Earth Survival Game

Last day on Earth-Survival Instructions.

Initial survival process is difficult because you don’t have sufficient resources in starting. Even you don’t have any clothes to wear, no food to eat and no gun or any weapons to fight. Here is the step by step guide to surviving-

1. Kill the zombies and other enemies: There are many armies, survivors, and zombies on strategy game. You have to fight against them alone. So, you need to kill them to survive, otherwise, they will kill you.


2. Join a clan: You need to join on gunship zombies and clans as much as possible so that you can kill more walking dead and survive. It is the best way and more effective strategy to shot together with other survivors.


3. Make a plan wisely: Play the game more wisely and try to gain more weapons to war against dead walking zombies and other enemies with more energy and strength. Also, wisely target and shoot unkilled zombies and pull wildfowl trigger to gain foods.


4. Search more resources: Find out survivors camp so that you can take important resources and valuable weapons from them.


5. Chat and communicate to get more information: Information is another most important thing of this game. So, chat and communicate with other players and join gunship zombies and other clans. Then, raid unkilled walking dead zombies and move towards the frontier zombies.


6. Improve survival crafts: Wild animals, thirst, cold, hunger and plague infection are riskier. Even they can kill you very fast in comparison to walking dead army. The world becomes unfavorable and place of evil. So, set a plan more wisely to conquer valuable and deadly weapons. Then, target the zombies to kill and survive. In this game survival craft is very important to survive effected with dead zombies and plague infection.

Also, the army of the dead zombie who is alive and not affected by plague virus that is can be risky for you. So, you need to keep joining the clan and attack the walking dead zombies together.

Overall, last day on earth is very enjoyable free shooter survival game. It has a world with interesting enemies and nice crafting. The most impressive thing is that there is a great communication between developers and players by posting update and discussion on their Facebook official page, blog and YouTube channel.

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