OG WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version for Android Free

If you to get the OG WhatsApp APK download latest version, then you can do that from this site. Now, this is one of the best and famous versions of WhatsApp. It allows all users some advanced features that the usual version doesn’t. At the same time, it is easy to download and install due to its simple interface. So, you should try it.

OG WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

OG WhatsApp APK download latest version free from here. Now, the OG WhatsApp is one of the extreme versions of WhatsApp. It has lots of excellent features among all such apps. You all know that the official WhatsApp won’t permit users another number formally. Besides, you are constrained to use a solo account at one time. However, by using this application, you will be able to use more than one account in a particular device with innovative features. This version is not only for Android users, but it also works on iPhone as well.

OG WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

Features of OG WhatsApp

The OG WhatsApp is one of the most popular versions of WhatsApp. That is because it has many fantastic elements, which are in the below.

• This application enables users to use multiple accounts in a single device.

• You will be able to improve this app by using it’s modify features.

• It will allow you to send the message to your friends by consuming fewer data.

• You can hide the blue tick.

• You will also be able to hide the last seen, second tick, online status, view status, recording status, writing tick, and blue microphone.

• It is possible to press on Links in the Caption of the Status in this app.

Requirements for OG WhatsApp

There are some requirements that you have to fulfill to install this version of WhatsApp on your device.

  1. Your Android device should be a version of 2.1 or higher.

  2. The handset of yours must be able to receive SMS or call for the verification process.

  3. Your device also has to be connected to the internet with good internet connection too.

How to Download and Install OG WhatsApp?

To download and install this version of WhatsApp, you need to follow the below steps as follows. At first, you have to download OGWhtsApp APK. You get the APK file free from this site. After that, you need to go to Configuration of the app column where you will have a choice to visible the complete info from WhatsApp. Then take all the Info from the WhatsApp and go to the sdCard of your device where it takes place. Now, on the SD Card, you will find the WhatsApp folder. You have to Re-Lable that folder as OGWhatsApp. After that step, you will be ready to install this app on your device. Now, just verify the standard phone number, and you are done.

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Finally, you can get the OG WhatsApp APK download latest version free from this website without facing any problem. You have to follow the above steps correctly. But, if you have any trouble while downloading it, then notify me in the comment box.

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